International Programme on Research and Training on Sustainable
Management of Mountain Areas

The IPROMO programme was conceived and organized by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the UNESCO, within the framework of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, and the University of Turin (IT). It targets mainly countries and institutions that belong to the Mountain Partnership and is financially supported by the Piedmont Region and by a number of local authorities and private groups from that area.

The IPROMO programme includes the creation of the "International Post-Graduate School for Mountains" located at the Istituto Angelo Mosso at Col d'Olen (Monte Rosa), Italy. This scientific institute was built with international funding in 1907 and recently restored. It hosts the Alpine Soil and Snow Laboratory of DI.VA.PRA. (under the scientific responsibility of Prof. Ermanno Zanini), which has supported the Italy-Switzerland INTERREG IIIa Project in the restoration of the site.

The school, located in the middle of the Monte Rosa Massif (between the Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta regions), has an important historical value and a strong potential as a training site.

The didactic activities (full-immersion post-graduate courses for selected participants) are held at a graduate and post-graduate level. The target audience includes technicians, planners and decision-makers from mountain regions of the world, particularly from areas with severe overexploitation and degradation, i.e. regions that are potentially more sensitive to global change impacts.

The school is residential, thanks to the availability of alpine huts close to the Mosso Scientific Institute, and the Capanna Margherita managed by the CAI (Italian Alpine Club). The site can be reached easily during most of the year, thanks to the cooperation among DI.VA.PRA. , Monterosaski Spa and Società Monterosa2000.

The programme includes courses in the fields of natural sciences, forestry, socio-economics. The final objective is the training of students, researchers, technicians for the management of mountain areas, characterised by considerable ecological, social, economical complexity. Moreover, the aim is to provide scientific knowledge and to enhance the ability of participants to assess potential ecological and social impacts of different management policies.

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