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February 22, Vice Governor Viktor Kazakov on the eve of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland District visited a military hospital. February 22 , Vice - Governor of the Samara region Viktor Kazakov before the Day of Defender of the Fatherland District visited a military hospital. The hospital was Viktor Kazakov trauma wards , STI offices Department of Vascular Surgery . Addressing congratulations to soldiers Chechens Viktor Kazakov wished good health , happiness and success in all endeavors in civilian life. On behalf of the Administration of Samara region , he said that the regional authorities will continue to take care of the soldiers who defend the honor of their homeland. Viktor Kazakov said that the special program , adopted at the level of the Russian government, which will provide a decent life in peacetime soldiers participating various armed conflicts . Perhaps in the near future such a program appear in the Samara region . After bypass chambers and presenting flowers soldiers Chechens Viktor Kazakov visited the Cathedral of St. Nicholas , which is located in the hospital , according to the management of information policy coordination and interaction with the media Samara region. 23.02.2001 16:47 Regional administration agrees with the union's demands on state support for Russian aircraft industry . February 22 vice-governor Viktor Kazakov took part in a roundtable on " The situation in the aviation industry ." In discussing the problem were the head of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Samara region Yevgeny Yegorov , representatives of the Administration of Samara Region and the city of Samara , the leaders of " Metalist Samara ", OAO " Aviaagregat ", OAO " Motorostroitel ", OAO " SNTK . Kuznetsov " JSC "Salute" . The main topic of discussion was the situation in the Russian aircraft industry in Russia in general, and the Samara branch enterprises in particular. The union leaders were in favor of the revival of the domestic aviation industry . The main reason for the protest was the signing of "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines " protocol of agreement to purchase the Party of European aircraft, " Airbus A320 " . Opening the meeting, Viktor Kazakov stressed that the Administration of Samara Region is seriously concerned about the situation in the aviation industry . Despite the objective difficulties , the specialists of the Administration have a clear view of the further steps that are required to support the aviation industry in the province. In particular , it concerns JSC " Aviacor ." Viktor Kazakov said early today forget the model " Tu-154 " . This aircraft is possible to upgrade and continue to produce . At the same time it is necessary to continue work on " An-70 " . Viktor Kazakov commented on the words of President Vladimir Putin , who said that the production of aircraft " AN-70 " will probably be moved to Saransk and Voronezh . Viktor Kazakov stressed that such a decision the president is not final. In the near future, representatives of Samara Region Administration will go to Moscow , where in the course of negotiations to try to persuade the President that the power possessed by the enterprises of the Samara region , can be effectively used in aircraft . Viktor Kazakov said that the regional administration is concerned about the situation and working on aircraft construction enterprises province. Vice Governor appealed to the leaders of enterprises : "Do not forget that after you are ordinary people who must receive wages on time and have jobs ," according to management information policy coordination and interaction with the media Samara region. 23.02.2001 18:22 Prices in the markets of the city from 17 to 23 February. According to the management of pricing policy of the Department of Economic Development and Investment Administration of Samara region over the past week in the consumer market in Samara significant price changes from the observed group of essential commodities and the list of foods not happen. In the trade network of the regional center retail prices for basic breads and wheat flour premium remained unchanged , despite the fact that there is a trend of growth in purchase prices for grain. However, a decrease in retail prices for cereals (by weight ) : semolina - 1%, buckwheat - by 1.6% , rice - by 1.7% , as well as pasta domestic production - by 3.7%. In shops and retail market of the regional center there was a decline in prices for the upper limit of sugar by weight - 5.4% and the lower limit of - 3.2%. Due to the new additions to the trading network of the city of detergents such as " Ariel " immaterial grown and the average retail price of this product as a whole - by 1%. On the market in Samara Provincial prices for the majority of products of agricultural producers have not changed compared with the previous week . Nevertheless , it should be noted that slightly decreased the average price of pork ( belly ) private producers and pork sold by the trade - purchasing organizations , an average of 4 %. Of dairy products decreased prices for sour cream - by 11.1%, to the level of prices , celebrated in early February in the amount of 80 rubles . per liter. Seasonality affects the dynamics of the prices of vegetables , which is reflected in the market price jumps alternately on one and then on the other kind of products from the observed group of cultures, if the previous week increase was noted for onion - by 8.3 %, while this week has risen beet - by 25%. Are reducing the price of cucumbers associated with receipt of products from greenhouse farms in the region . This week the market prices are down by 8.3 % , which is higher than for the previous similar period - 4%. On the background of national trends recession level of average retail prices of petroleum products in the Samara region continues to decline in prices in this important sector of the consumer market area. This week , according to statistics , the level of average retail prices for gasoline A -76 decreased to 6.6 rubles. per liter , decrease - 2.9%. On petrol AI - 92, 93 - to 7.6 rubles. per liter , decrease - 2.6%. To date , compared with the republics and regions of the Volga Federal District, the observed indicators are on one of the lowest levels . According to experts the price control policy for a group of gas stations in Samara retail prices for gasoline A -76 can be traced in the range of 6.5 rubles. to 6.8 rubles. per liter for gasoline A- 92, 93 - from 7.6 rubles. to 7.8 rubles. per liter of AI -95 - from 8.6 rubles . to 9 rubles. per liter. Diesel fuel costs from 6.6 rubles. to 7 rubles. per liter , according to the management of information policy coordination and interaction with the media Samara region. 23.02.2001 18:23 github lukeweston lasercutter cnc laser cutter. . Актуальная информация granite knoxville tennessee у нас на сайте. . Cheap flight ticket aggregator find cheap