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The director of procurement JSC " AvtoVAZ " summed up the fourth annual conference of the suppliers of components and materials . The event was attended by about a thousand representatives of nearly 240 plants of Russia and abroad. For each of the five areas of supplies - rubber and plastic products , Electrical products , electronics and metal products , co-operative delivery , supply metal material supply - summed up the work in 2000. Noted that compared to the previous year by more than two -fold increase in the number of enterprises , suppliers, certified to international quality standards ISO 9000 . Also in 2000, managed to contain the rapid increase in the prices of materials and components for AvtoVAZ . The main results are subcontractors for their ratings on the basis adopted by the Volga Automobile Plant " scoring system of indicators to assess the quality of supply of components and materials ." 12 degrees " best supplier" and 23 letters of appreciation AvtoVAZ its subcontractors - are only a small part of the " Table of Ranks " VAZ partners. For all other companies is to compare their ratings ratings partners and the development of appropriate corrective actions to achieve greater success . And finally, the invaluable role of the conference as the event , coordinating the actions of each to achieve common goals , the press center of JSC " AvtoVAZ " . 23.02.2001 11:24 Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary museum JSC " AvtoVAZ " . February 24 marks the 25th anniversary museum JSC " AvtoVAZ " . Before this date there was a meeting with journalists, local and regional media. Mechanical adding machine and numerical control unit for a modern machine , the first car sold "VAZ -2101 " in 1970 , and 19 million of " VAZ-2112 " , off the main conveyor of the Volga car last year - all of these exhibits are here literally side by side . Between them - a whole era . And its direct " witnesses " - from photos to entire vehicles , more than 20 million units - also gathered in the museum. To save on only accumulated , but also give the opportunity to develop exposure , AvtoVAZ decided to reorganize the museum Museum and Exhibition Complex . New space ten times larger than the areas occupied by the museum now , and - most importantly - is almost in the center Avtozavodsky district. Already defined contractor who promises to complete all the work within a year , the press center of JSC " AvtoVAZ " . 23.02.2001 11:25 JSC "Samara " believes that municipalities demonstrate indifference to the availability of heat in the homes of citizens. "Energosbyt" JSC "Samara " describes the situation that had developed with energy payments municipalities Samara, Novokuibishevsk, Togliatti Syzran Chapaevsk Zhigulyovsk as a crisis that threatens the smooth operation of the power grid and district heating townspeople. Despite the marked power engineering problem of providing the region with fuel and request made to all consumers on improving payment discipline for timely procurement of fuel reserves , city leaders have ignored the real threat of an energy crisis and led the grid close to the use of strategic stocks of reserve fuel. According to the February 22, with the debt situation of municipal structures formed catastrophic. By Samara : Samara region at KZHKH implementation plan 3.2 million rubles. actual payment -170,000 rubles. KZHKH Leninsky district in terms of implementation 3.75 million rubles. actual payment - 200 000 rubles. KZHKH Railway district in terms of implementation 1.3 million rubles. actual payment - 168 000 rubles. KZHKH Oktyabrsky district in terms of implementation 4.5 million rubles. actual payment - 490 000 rubles. KZHKH Industrial District in the implementation plan 1 250 000 rubles . actual payment - 35 000 rubles . KZHKH Kirov district in terms of implementation 250 000 rubles. actual payment - 30 000 rubles . MPZHRT Soviet district in terms of implementation 600 000 rubles. actual payment - 62 000 rubles. JSC "Enterprise heating systems " in terms of implementing 65 million rubles. actual payment - 3,259,000 rubles. By Togliatti : Dep. Housing Avtozavodsky district in terms of the implementation of 36 million rubles. actual payment - 10,528,000 rubles. Dep. Housing in the Central district of the implementation plan 13 000 000 rubles. actual payment - 2,145,000 rubles. By Novokuibyshevsk : Housing at Novokuibyshevsk implementation plan 15 000 000 rubles. actual payment - 7,672,000 rubles. By Syzran : MP "Heating " in terms of implementing 7,450,000 rubles. actual payment - $ 0. By Zhygulevsk : MP " Zhilkomhoz " in terms of the implementation of three million rubles. actual payment - 1.1 million rubles. Serious concern position heads of cities that do not show sufficient interest in a stable heat supply ( which, incidentally , most of them just cover municipal structures for energy ) , on "their " territory. This utility is not able to " lend " city budgets . At a time when most industries , despite the objective economic difficulties , managed to reach the optimum level of payments and avoid a crisis situation , municipalities, on the contrary, aggravated the problem of not having to do any good reasons : money for the light and heat from the population regularly receives in KZHKH and other municipal structures . JSC "Samara " considers unacceptable that position encourages municipalities and city governments to take all measures to prevent and debt crisis , said Department of Public Relations of JSC "Samara " . 23.02.2001 16:42
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