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Management of Mountain Areas

Prices in the markets of the city from 17 to 23 February. According to the management of pricing policy of the Department of Economic Development and Investment Administration of Samara region over the past week in the consumer market in Samara significant price changes from the observed group of essential commodities and the list of foods not happen. 23.02.2001 18:26 Data on housing for retired military in Dimitrovgrad. Dimitrovgrad is an issue on housing for retired military that with the beginning of the reform of the Armed Forces of Russia chose his place of permanent residence. In 1992-1995, the city came annually 70-80 retirees and their families . In 2000 - 12 families. Matter of getting their flats is considered only in the long term , which is moved forward by a decade. In 1999, housing certificates received 23 families in 2000 - 35 , 1.5 months in 2001 - 7. The remaining 300 families waiting for their turn . However, only 11 of them are compensated for paying the rent private apartments . 23.02.2001 18:32 2000 Enterprise Dimitrovgrad ended up with a total debt to all budgets in the amount of 508 million rubles. Results of work in 2000, summed up by the Tax Ministry Inspectorate Dimitrovgrad. On January 1, 2001 the arrears to all budgets totaled 508 million 72 thousand rubles . In order to reduce its inspection staff sent 647 requests for repayment in the amount of 191 million 810.9 thousand rubles . 1201 collection order for the sum of 201 million 226 thousand rubles . , Issued 30 decisions on the arrest of the property in the amount of 6 million 314 thousand rubles . , conducted in 1246 seizures of cash from the cash businesses for 12 million 464 thousand rubles . , which is 3 million 063 thousand rubles . less than 1999. Declared bankrupt as a result of inspection of 57 companies ( 1999 - 4). Eligible for debt restructuring received 8 companies in the amount of 73 million 517 thousand rubles . 23.02.2001 18:34 Employment statistics in Dimitrovgrad in January 2001. February 1, the unemployment rate in the city is 0.21 % of the economically active population. A year ago, the unemployment rate was 0.31%. 65 people working at 7 enterprises Dimitrovgrad , subject to reduction . This city has notified the department of employment management companies . Despite the existing unemployment, in the department of employment on February 1, 2001 reported 580 vacancies , 68% of them by working professions , including : electric and gas welders - 38 vacancies guards - 33 , the driver - 24 , the seller - 23 , turner - 19 . Of the number of employees: therapist - 10 vacancies , teacher - 9 , Software Engineer - 6 , engineer - 3. If we compare the figures for January 2000 and January 2001 , we can safely note the decrease in the unemployment rate , the newspaper reported " Dimitrovgradskaya panorama ." 23.02.2001 20:00 Saratov entrepreneurs picketed the city administration. They were protesting against the ban on the trade authorities Kirov Avenue . Officials believed that trade trays spoil the view of the main street of the city. Only reason it became clear already after entrepreneurs have paid tax on imputed income for February and got a license to trade. Several book lounging on Kirov Avenue - " the last of the Mohicans ." Since February 15, here trade only the most desperate . The remaining submitted oral order of the Frunze district administration . Trade stalls at the Saratov " Arbat " banned . City Committee for the consumer market with the district administration ennobles the city's appearance . Without the work of a moment left more than 100 people . Owners outlets about an hour intelligently picketed City Hall and City Duma . That is modestly stood in front of the city administration . According to businessmen , in February they paid tax on imputed income . Plus - have permission from the district administration to trade until the end of this month. But City Committee for Consumer Market district authorities did not give the right to place on the hawkers Kirov Avenue . It turns out that it all turned out quite by accident, but for some reason, right before the holidays, when booksellers bought deluxe editions . As explained entrepreneurs absolutely no place they will not leave . For example, they were asked to arrange the book department in the building of the Provincial market . Or put on the prospectus not tables and stalls . According to the rules of aesthetics. Beauty requires sacrifice . And apparently sacrifices continue. Because the canons of beauty for all different, and trade stalls and tables in Saratov many more - concludes information service channel " Telecom TV ." 26.02.2001 10:36 Training Workshop on rehabilitation of drug addicts . From 26 February to 7 March in the regional rehabilitation center for people suffering from drug addiction will be a seminar -training for the rehabilitation of drug addicts on the draft of the Committee on Drug Control and Crime Prevention Council. In the regional rehabilitation center for people suffering from drug addiction specialists came from all over Russia to discuss the latest technologies in the rehabilitation of drug addicts . Training Association holds "Casa Famiglia Rosetta" ( Italy) . The training will be attended by leading Russian addiction treatment , in particular, the central Ministry of Health the psychiatrist Vladimir Fedorovich Egorov , regional team of specialists from Moscow, Samara , Krasnodar, Ulyanovsk, Primorsky Krai , Orenburg. Samara region for this kind of training was not chosen randomly . According to experts of the Ministry of Health , in the Samara region has a positive experience in the implementation of new technologies for the rehabilitation of drug addicts , according to information management policies and interaction with the media Samara region. 26.02.2001 10:40 Expected visit of the delegation of the faction " Fatherland" in the State Duma . February 28 in the Samara region visiting delegation arrives fraction "Fatherland" State Duma headed by Yevgeny Primakov. The visit program : a meeting with Governor Konstantin Titov , meeting in Samara Aerospace University in the faculty of universities area, meeting with representatives of the media , the press conference . Furthermore, in terms of the delegation included meetings with heads of defense enterprises ( Kokoshin A. - Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Industry , Construction and High Technology ), with customs officials ( V. Draganov - Chairman of the Customs Sub- Committee on the Budget ) and the Office of Judicial Department ( V. Grebennikov - Deputy chairman of the committee on state building , committee member of the Presidential Administration of the Judicial Reform ) and the Department of Agriculture ( G. Kulik ) . The delegation of the faction " Fatherland" - EM Primakov , Kokoshin AA Lakhova EF, LK Isaev , Draganov VG Kovalev ND, Korzhakov AV Kulik G. Semenov, VO , Kondakova EV Zalikhanov M.CH. , informs management of information policy and media relations of the Samara region. 26.02.2001 10:42

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